New updates to COVID-19 guidelines from the CDC

On December 4, 2020, the CDC provided updated guidance for public health strategies to prevent transmission of COVID-19. At empowerDX, we are always staying on top of the latest recommendations, evidence and technology to ensure we are providing you with the best testing options.

CDC Mask Recommendations

“Because the highest risk for transmission has been documented among household contacts of COVID-19 patients, keeping the household safe requires physical distancing, using the other public health strategies summarized here, and, in particular, consistent and correct use of face masks (outside the household and in some circumstances within the household) to prevent introduction and transmission of SARS-CoV-2.” – CDC

Masks continue to be a one of the most powerful tools in our fight against COVID-19. The CDC strongly urges all people to wear masks when in public. As we better understand the virus, we can make more informed decisions. The CDC has updated their recommendation that masks should sometimes be worn at home.

“Within households, face masks should be used when a member of the household is infected or has had recent potential COVID-19 exposure (e.g., known close contact or potential exposure related to occupation, crowded public settings, travel, or non-household members in your house).” – CDC

Worn Mask Testing

Essentially all communities in the U.S. have widespread cases of COVID-19; therefore, most people have some degree of recent potential exposure to SARS-CoV-2. We strongly endorse the CDC recommendation, but also see the added benefit of worn mask testing as a way to better understand exposure to the virus within your home.

Barriers, surveillance and social distancing are the best options for decreasing spread right now. The CDC provides excellent recommendations for barriers and social distancing. empowerDX gives you the added advantage of home and office surveillance. Worn Mask Testing is the way to effortlessly maximize vigilance when your family, friends and co-workers are already following CDC recommendations.

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