Delivery with Uber now available for the At-Home COVID-19 Test Kit (select locations only)

easy at home health testing

empowering you with health answers

Your Spring Health Checklist

Spring is here – and it’s a great time to review your current health habits and build a few new ones. Take advantage of the nicer weather and take care of you this season!

    easy at home health testing

    empowering you with health answers

    Get affordable, convenient, FDA & CDC-regulated health tests in the comfort of your home.

    Get affordable, convenient, FDA & CDC-regulated health tests in the comfort of your home.

    save money

    Get the lowest cost COVID-19 home test on the market. Or pay with insurance.

    fast + accurate results

    High-powered network of labs gets you results in 48 hours.

    convenient + confidential

    Take a test on your schedule. Get secure & private results.

    all tests

    COVID-19 Nasal PCR Home Collection Test

    Nasal PCR tests are a fast, affordable, shallow & painless way to get tested for the COVID-19 virus from home.

    Worn Mask SARS-CoV-2 PCR Test

    Mask tests are a cost-effective way to test your home or workplace for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

    Vitamin D Home Collection Test

    Test the vitamin D (25 OH-D) levels present in your blood to ensure that you have healthy levels of Vitamin D.

    coming soon

    general wellness

    Women's Health

    Sexual Health

    your health belongs in your hands

    Imagine your life if you could get fast, accurate tests and answers to your health questions. When it comes to your wellness, you deserve the best possible care from real labs and real experts.

    That’s why we offer convenient, at-home health testing and provide you with the answers you need. No more unanswered questions or long waits at the doctor’s office – just fast, accurate tests that provide you with peace of mind and clarity about your health.

    find your health answers with empowerDX

    Order a test, ship your sample back to our labs, and get peace of mind in just 48 hours.

    a simpler way to get your health questions answered

    why empowerDX?

    At home testing
    We send accurate health tests to your door so you can get tested in the comfort of your home.

    CLIA-certified laboratories
    Get faster, accurate results from real labs and real experts, and get the best care possible right from home.

    Secure results
    Your health is your business – so our online portal delivers secure test results.

    Convenient and easy collection
    Get tested on your schedule, and use our step-by-step guide to collect your sample.

    Pay with insurance
    Your Nasal PCR Test may be covered by insurance, and your HSA + FSA are gladly accepted.

    Cutting edge and evidence-based
    We use the latest technologies to provide you with the health information you need.

    how it works

    step 1

    order your test

    You’ll answer a few health questions, and our clinicians will approve your test order. We’ll ship your test right to your door. Shipping is free, no matter where you are in the US.

    step 2

    collect and ship

    Complete your test right from your home, and mail it directly back to our CLIA-certified labs.

    step 3

    get results

    We’ll email you once your results are available on our secure portal. Our platform is HIPAA-compliant from start to finish, so you can keep your health information in your hands.

    delivery with Uber now available

    get your results two days faster with same-day delivery with Uber!

    Get your at-home nasal PCR COVID-19 test delivered right to your door in *as little as 1 hour after ordering through our partnership with Uber. Delivery hours are from 8am–4pm, Monday–Friday ONLY.

    Just enter your zip code to find out if delivery is available in your area, and a delivery person will pick up and deliver your test from one of our pickup locations.

    *Note: Return delivery of your test kit back to us is not available with Uber. You must ship your own COVID-19 test kit.

    Sneak peek at Erin’s actual test results

    Wondering what you can expect from your at-home health test from empowerDX? At empowerDX, your results are more than just a number to us. Enter your email address, and you’ll get an inside look at actual empowerDX health test results from Erin Jerger, empowerDX Director of Commercial Ops.


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      INSIDER’s top pick for at-home COVID-19 testing

      January 22, 2021

      “This testing company ticked a lot of boxes. EmpowerDX is evidently one of the most accurate PCR tests you can buy. The tests are readily available and you don’t need to meet any specific requirements to order one. The empowerDX Nasal Swab is the cheapest out-of-pocket at $99.”

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