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Quick, easy, & self-collected COVID-19 testing to fit your needs

  1. FDA Authorized EUA – Emergency Use Authorization for self-collected RT-PCR SARS-CoV-2 test kit.
  2. Highly Specific – During validation, no false positives and no cross-reactivity from viruses that cause the common cold.
  3. Highly Sensitive – High sensitivity revealed during the initial laboratory validation study.
  4. Detects Virus – A positive test result means that the COVID-19 virus was detected in the nose sample.
  5. 48 Hour Results – Completed samples are shipped overnight and test results are ready on the secure portal 24-48 hours upon lab receipt.
  6. Painless Swab – The shallow & pain-free self-collected nasal swab you’ve been waiting for. No more deep discomfort.
  7. RT-PCR Tech – Reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction is used to look for SARS-CoV-2 RNA in the nose.
  8. Physician Approved – National provider network approves every COVID-19 nasal PCR test order.

What COVID-19 testing option is right for my business?

Learn more about our at-home COVID-19 Nasal PCR Test.

swab party
Ideal for those needing to test a large group of individuals at one time.

grab & go
Perfect for clients who want test kits on hand for business travel.

A solution for businesses who need to screen clients individually.

here’s what you can expect from your empowerDX results


Within 48 hours of the lab receiving your test, you’ll receive an email notification letting you know that your results are ready to view.


Your health is your business. That’s why your results are delivered and viewed through our secure online portal.


Cut through the medical jargon, and get clear results so you can make the next right decision for your health.

patient portal

Everyone on your team can individually & privately access their self-collected COVID-19 PCR test results on our secure, HIPAA-compliant portal at any time and on any device.

admin portal

You’ll designate one portal administrator who can securely view the COVID-19 test results of every employee with enterprise-level data protection & end-to-end encryption.

Your employees need easy, at-home health testing, and you need a workplace that’s functioning at its best

But on-site health testing can be expensive and inconvenient, and it’s difficult to coordinate all the details and keep things running smoothly.

When you partner with empowerDX, you’re helping your employees get the health answers they need – right from the comfort of their home. With easy at-home collection, affordable tests, and results in just 48 hours, you can empower your employees and keep your workplace healthy.

Why does my business need at-home health testing?

keep employees healthy
Testing keeps your employees safe, healthy, and prevents the spread of illness in your workplace.

convenient testing anywhere
Say goodbye to the hassle of on-site health screenings, and hello to a convenient, easy at-home health testing option.

save money
A proactive approach to employee testing helps lower your business’ healthcare expenses.

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On behalf of the entire Lawson Family, thank you! We all got our negative tests back late last night and the kids can go to school today. An awesome user experience and very straight forward process. I want to tell everyone about empowerDX.

– Ian Lawson, Vice President of Global Partnerships, Spartan Worldwide

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